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Recent News from Illinois and Other States:                         Results by State


Supreme Court Ruling Against Confederate License Plates Could Hurt Choose Life Plate Prospects  (06/19/15)

Supreme Court says states can block Confederate flag license plates  (06/18/15)

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments for Specialty License Plates  (03/24/15)

Choose Life License Plates at Stake at U.S. Supreme Court  (02/18/15)

Thomas More Society Asks Supreme Court to Allow Choose Life License Plates  (08/14/14)

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal in Illinois Choose Life License Plate Case  (10/05/09)

Commentary: The Best Day of My Life (Dan Proft)  (05/01/09)

Is That Plate Speaking for the Driver or the State?  (04/27/09)

Illinois Choose Life License Plate Backers File Supreme Court Petition  (04/17/09)

Appeals Court Upholds Ruling Against Illinois "Choose Life" License Plates  (12/22/08)

Illinois Choose Life License Plate Backers Want Court to Reverse Bad Ruling  (11/24/08)

Seventh Circuit rules against the First Amendment  (11/07/08)

Illinois Doesn't Have to Issue Choose Life License Plates, Appeals Court Rules  (11/07/08)

Struggle about plates may be near end  (11/18/07)

Choose Life on hold again  (02/19/07) 

Illinois Choose Life License Plates Upheld Again in Federal Court  (02/09/07)

Judge Denies Secretary's Effort to Overturn 'Choose Life' Plate Decision  (02/09/07)

State shouldn’t waste money, time fighting ‘Choose Life’ plates   (02/02/07)

District Court Rules to Allow 'Choose Life' License Plates in Illinois  (01/22/07)

'Choose Life' license plates coming to Illinois  (01/23/07)

Illinois Choose Life Plates Upheld by Federal Judge as Free Speech  (01/23/07)

A brief history of the Illinois "Choose Life" effort  (01/23/07)


Supreme Court Decision Supports Choose Life License Plates in North Carolina  (06/29/15)

Court Rules Pro-Life Views Are “Patently Offensive,” Bans Choose Life License Plates in New York  (05/25/15)

Michigan Senate Passes Choose Life License Plate to Fund Abortion Alternatives  (03/18/15)

Michigan Senate Committee Passes Choose Life License Plate to Fund Abortion Alternatives  (03/5/15)

North Carolina Asks Supreme Court to Allow Sale of Choose Life License Plates  (07/17/14)

Appeals Court: North Carolina Choose Life Plates Unconstitutional Unless Pro-Abortion Plates Offered  (02/11/14)

Pro-Life License Plates Outsell Pro-Abortion Plates Over 3-1 in Virginia  (12/30/13)

Wisconsin Assembly Passes Bill Allowing “Choose Life” License Plates  (11/15/13)

The ‘Choose Life’ license plate is approved in Washington, D.C.  (10/24/13)

Rhode Island Governor Chafee Vetoes Choose Life License Plate  (07/17/13)

Rhode Island Legislature Approves Choose Life License Plate  (07/03/13)

Iowa Choose Life License Plates Now Available to Purchase  (04/26/12)

Alaska Legislature OKs Bill for Choose Life License Plates  (02/24/12)

North Carolina Choose Life License Plates Blocked by Federal Judge  (11/29/11)

Texas Choose Life License Plates Now Available Statewide  (11/22/11)

New York Court Gives Choose Life License Plate a Victory  (11/09/11)

North Carolina Sends Choose Life Plate to Gov. Perdue  (06/20/11)  HB289 signed 6/30/11

Texas Governor Rick Perry Signs Choose Life Plate Bill  (05/17/11)

Texas Approves Choose Life License Plate Legislation  (05/04/11)      Details

Utah establishes Choose Life plates  (03/30/11)      Details

New Jersey Choose Life Plates Finally Allowed After Six Years  (12/08/10)

Delaware Becomes 23rd State to Allow Choose Life License Plates on Vehicles  (08/30/10)

Choose Life License Plates Available in Massachusetts  (06/21/10)

North Carolina Pro-Life Advocates Rally for Choose Life License Plates  (05/25/10)

Delaware Pro-Life Advocates Making Push for Choose Life License Plate  (05/21/10)

New Jersey Choose Life License Plates Revived by Federal Appeals Court After Lawsuit  (04/12/10)

Commentary: "Speachless" over Choose Life license plates (Jill Stanek)  (07/14/09)

Virginia Law Allowing Choose Life License Plates Goes Into Effect, Available Now  (07/03/09)

Texas House Gives Initial Approval to Choose Life License Plate After Senate OK  (05/06/09)

Texas Senate Approves Choose Life License Plate, State House Sitting on Bill   (04/29/09)

North Carolina Choose Life Plate Backers Unveil New Design  (04/15/09)

New Jersey Choose Life License Plates Get Hearing at Federal Appeals Court   (04/14/09)

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine Signs Bill Creating Choose Life License Plates   (03/30/09)

Missouri Choose Life License Plate Gets Favorable Appeals Court Ruling  (03/26/09)

Arizona Commission Unanimously Approves New Choose Life License Plates  (01/07/09)

Arizona Agency Must Move Forward on Choose Life License Plates, Court Says  (11/19/08)

Missouri Choose Life License Plate Gets Federal Appeals Court Hearing  (10/17/08)

Arizona Choose Life License Plates Move Forward With Supreme Court Ruling  (10/06/08)

South Carolina Agency Approves Choose Life License Plates  (05/26/08)

Missouri Choose Life License Plate Unveiled, Available for Purchase Statewide  (05/02/08)

Arizona Choose Life License Plate Ruled Constitutional by Appeals Court  (01/29/08)

Missouri Choose Life License Plates Must be Approved, Judge Rules  (01/24/08)

Oklahoma Abortion Advocates Lose Choose Life Plate Appeal at Supreme Court  (01/08/08)

Florida Group Moves Ahead With Proposal for Pro-Abortion License Plate  (02/12/07)

Pennsylvania Motorists Can Now Buy Choose Life License Plates  (02/07/07)

Tennessee Choose Life License Plates Available Starting Next Month  (11/15/06)

Georgia Voters Approve Measure Allowing Choose Life License Plates  (11/9/06)

NJ 'Choose Life' License Plate Wins Again in Federal Court  (07/27/06)

Louisiana Choose Life Plate Case Also Doesn't Get Supreme Court Hearing   (06/29/06)

Tennessee Choose Life Plates Survive Pro-Abortion Lawsuit at Supreme Court   (06/26/06)

Missouri pro-life organization challenges ban on “Choose Life” license plates  (06/01/06)

Tennessee Choose Life License Plate Gets Appeals Court OK   (03/17/06)

‘Choose Life’ License Plate Lawsuit Victory in New York  (03/09/06)

Louisiana Choose Life License Plate Challenge Fails Again  (12/22/05)

'Choose Life' License Plates Hit Red Lights, Green Lights  (10/27/05)

Ohio Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Choose Life Plates  (10/06/05)

Oklahoma Judge Dismisses Case Against Choose Life Plates   (08/17/05)

Federal Appeals Court Backs Louisiana Choose Life License Plates  (04/13/05)

Implications that South Carolina Choose Life case will not be reconsidered (01/25/05)

New York fails to stop ADF lawsuit protecting free speech on license plates (01/05/05)


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